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Alice Walker Argumentative Essay

Updated April 18, 2020

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Alice Walker Argumentative Essay essay

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On February 9, 1944, Willie Lee and Minnie Tallulah (Lou) Grant Walker gave birth to their precious daughter Alice Malsenior Walker. Who later became one of the most talented African American women in America through her short stories, poems and novels.

Chris Danielle, the author of Living by Grace: The Life and Times of Alice Walker has covered some interesting points on Alice. Chris Danielle may not have any relation to Alice Walker, but has gotten deep enough in her life to give you the readers detailed insight on her struggle to success. Even though Alice has been through so much as a child to a grown woman. Alice still strived to become the best. Chris concentrated on many parts of Alice’s life.

From her childhood times, to a young adult, to an aspiring writer, and to a role model for all women in America. I figured Chris gave so much insight on her life because he wanted us to see that anything is possible. To show us that no matter what obstacles try to stand in our way, we can always find our way around them. He referred to Alice as a “tomboy” when she was a little girl. Alice always wanted to hang around her older brothers and do the things they did.

She was really outgoing and had a high level of self-confidence. Even at this young age Alice believed that she was very beautiful. As time went on Chris stated that Alice began to describe herself as self-sufficient and independent because of a sewing machine her mother gave her. She also felt the need to be able to travel the world and experience new things.

By the information that was given, becoming one with Alice Walker was not a hard thing to do. She has graced us with many novels and poems that have paved the way for many African Americans. You understand her better as a person through her strives to success. But you understand her better as a writer through her commitment and dedication. Chris explains her life in order from childhood days to becoming the successful person she is today. What captures my attention about Alice is that I admire her struggle to become the best.

I say this because she went through her depressing stages and still managed to put a smile on her face. The challenges from abortion, to her divorce, the death of her father and so much more. The passion she put into her writing is what I acknowledge the most. She spoke her mind regardless if anyone wanted to hear it or not. Her poetry to me is like music coming from the heart or more like unexpressed feelings.

I definitely recommend this biography to someone for reading, especially if you’re into poetry. Alice Walker has changed a lot of people and the way they think and I’m sure from her stories, novels, and poetry she could do the same for you the readers.

Alice Walker Argumentative Essay essay

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