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Analysis of Chapter 4 and 5 in The Stranger by Albert Camus

Updated August 25, 2022

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Analysis of Chapter 4 and 5 in The Stranger by Albert Camus essay

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After a normal working week, Meursault spent the whole Saturday with Marie. They had a wonderful time on the beach and then went back Meursault’s home. Sunday morning, they overheard a quarrel between Raymond and his mistress and a fight between Salamano and his dog.

When Meursault and Marie were talking about their love, they heard the fight in Raymond’s room. Raymond thought the woman used him and struck her. One of their neighbors called the police. In the afternoon, Raymond asked him that if he wants to be the witness for him, he agreed.

Salamano lost his dog, and he was upset about it. However, he told Meursault that he didn’t want to pay money for that dog. That night, Meursault heard Salamano weeping. Suitable Title for Chapter 4 A Special Weekend Justification: A good chapter title should perfectly summarize the whole chapter.

This whole book is Meursault’s 1st point of view so that the title also should be his point of view. In Chapter 4, there are lots of different things happened around the main character. It is unsuitable or incomplete to name it as a separate event, such as a trip with Marie, the fight between Raymond and his mistress or Salamano lost his dog. Also, it is a special weekend for Meursault. It is the first formal date between him and Marie, and they really had a good time on the beach and in his home. Also, he became the witness of Raymond’s fight, and Salamano lost his dog and cried made him remind his mother.

It is an extremely special Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, I would like to give this title for Chapter 4. Important Characters in Chapter4 and Importance in Chapter 4 – Meursault is undoubted main character. In chapter 4, his action makes Marie fell in love with him.

Marie followed him and supported him for a long time just because this love. Meursault became the witness of Raymond and the woman’s fight. This is one piece of evidence for Meursault’ death penalty. – Marie Cardona is the main character’s girlfriend.

In Chapter 4, she had a nice day with Meursault. This day is one of Meursault’s good memories. She asked Meursault if he loves her or not, and he didn’t answer it clearly. Meursault is real. He didn’t lie. He couldn’t answer or he didn’t clearly know so he didn’t answer.

Because of this question and answer, readers may know the personality of Meursault so that the following actions at last of him are totally reasonable. – Raymond Sintes is Meursault’s neighbor, and they are friends. In chapter 4, he fought with his mistress. He drew Meursault into his conflict.

He let Meursault to be the witness and help him. This would be one piece of evidence for Meursault’s death penalty. – Salamano is Meursault’s another neighbor. In chapter4, he lost his dog. He didn’t push the plot go forward in this chapter. However, his feelings and actions contrast with Meursault’s.

He used to curse and beat the dog, but after he lost it, he wept for its return. His strong grief contrasts with main character’s indifference at losing his mother. Summary of Chapter 5 Raymond called Meursault to invite him and Marie to a friend’s beach house. He also said he was being followed by some Arabs, and wanted him to keep eyes open for them. Meursault made his boss disappointed because he didn’t have interest in the chance to work in Paris, and he didn’t want to change his life.

Marie came and asked whether Meursault would marry her or not. He showed his indifference. Somehow, their relationship didn’t change. Later, Salamano came to Meursault’s home. He couldn’t find his dog anymore.

They also talked about Meursault’s mother. Suitable title for Chapter 5 I Wasn’t Unhappy First of all, it is a constant emotion of Meursault in Chapter 5. At this time, the life of Meursault was still normal, and he was satisfied with his life. When his boss asked whether he wanted to work in Paris, he told his boss that he didn’t want to change his life. He thought, “I wasn’t unhappy” in chapter 5.

In his mind, his life was normal and not bad. He didn’t have any ambition. Also, this chapter tells some soft events in his daily life, so it is a good way to name it as his emotion. Important Characters in Chapter 5 and Importance in Chapter 5 Meursault is the main character. His actions and feelings made his life stayed constant in this chapter.

He thought his life wasn’t unhappy, so he didn’t choose to change his life, and this made the following chapters. All the things are about him so he is important. Raymond Sintes is now Meursault’s friend in this chapter. He called Meursault to invite him to the beach house, where Meursault later did the murder. He also asked the main character to help him to keep eyes on the Arabs, and pushed him into the conflict.

Boss is also an important character in this chapter. He didn’t push the plot forward, but let readers know more about Meursault’s thought and his indifference. Marie’s role in this chapter some points is the same as the boss’s role. Salamano is important in this chapter. After he knew he couldn’t find his dog, he visited Meursault’s home, and had a conversation with him. This conversation makes readers know more about Meursault’s thoughts about life and his mother.

Also, after this Salamano knew that Meursault was a good person. They became friends. Important Characters affect the development of the story in C4 and 5 Meursault Whole book is around him. It is his 1st point of view. All the plots happen because of his actions and feelings. Raymond SintesIn the whole story, he pushed Meursault to the death.

He treated his mistress in a violent and cruel way. He made Meursault into his own conflicts. Except the things he let Meursault do in Chapter 4 and 5, he also let him to write the letter for him. Even he nearly killed the Arab himself before Meursault talked him out of it. Raymond caused Meursault’s death. His actions also push the plot forward.

He just asserted Meursault’s indifference and ignorance at evil trial. Marie Cardona She didn’t push the plot forward, but from she and Meursault’s conversations, readers can know more about Meursault’s thoughts. After we know more and more about the main character, the plot would be more reasonable. SalamanoHe plays almost the same roles as Marie in the whole book. From the interactions between him and Meursault, readers can know what Meursault really think about her mother. At last, he stood on the main character’s side.

Important events in Chapter 4 and 5 affect the story and character – Meursault and Marie went to the beach on that Saturday. (4) It is important that they had a very good time there. Because of this event, Marie felt she could keep staying with Meursault. For Meursault, although he felt really happy, he didn’t know whether he loved Marie or not. It shows his indifference and emotional detachment.

Also, it was one of his good memories when he was in the jail. – Raymond fought with his mistress. (4) This event pushed the plot forward. Raymond treated his mistress in a cruel way so that the cops came. That day, he asked Meursault to be the witness of his fight.

He drew the main character into his conflict. This was one piece of evidence for Meursault’s death penalty. – Salamano lost his dog. (4) This incident let Salamano feel upset so that Meursault reminded of his mother.

Also, if he didn’t lose his dog, there would be no conversation happened between him and Meursault. They would never talk about Meursault’s mother in chapter 5. At last, Salamano would not say good words for Meursault. Conversation between Meursault and his boss (5) Meursault refused the chance to go to Paris. If he agreed, the following plots would be totally changed. Connect literary devices and terms to the story and characters in chapter 4 and 5. Setting?Before World War II, in Algeria At that time, people’s minds were still obsolete. Because of it, the laws were not that much strict so that Raymond could let Meursault to be the witness to help him. Also, people there thought Meursault was not good. In my opinion, this time period was also one of the hands, which pushed Meursault to the death. – First point of view In the whole book, there are numerous ‘I’s.

This point of view perfectly shows the main character’s feelings to readers so that they can understand his actions clearly. – Protagonist Meursault is the protagonist. Whole book is based on his actions and feelings. In Chapter 4 and 5, all the events were around him. – Simile: “Her tan made her face look like a flower.” (The stranger chapter 4 page34) This was Meursault’s thought in chapter4, when he and Marie went to the beach. It shows that Meursault’s satisfaction of Marie.

Even he thought Marie was that much beautiful, he still didn’t answer that he loved Marie. Therefore it shows Meursault’s difference and his emotional detachment. – Repetition: “First we heard a woman’s shrill voice and then Raymond saying, ‘you used me, you used me. I’ll teach you to use me.'” (The stranger chapter 4 page35) This is in chapter 4, and it used repetition.

He was very angry at that time so that shouted the same sentence many times. Also, it shows Raymond is an impulsive and irritable person. Therefore, in the following plot, the actions or things he done was reasonable. Foreshadowing: “I told her I didn’t like cops.” (The stranger chapter 4 page36) Meursault said he didn’t like cops when Marie let him to call the police because of Raymond’s fight. Firstly, he might think Raymond as his friend so that he didn’t do any thing, and because of his ignorance, Raymond asked more help from him. This dislike of the police was really important in the following plot.

Because of his aversion to the police, he didn’t talk too much when he was in the court. He didn’t talk too much about his thoughts so that he let others know his innocence. This would be an important reason for his death. Simile: “She had bright eyes in a little face like an apple.” (The stranger chapter 5 page43) Meursault described the stranger woman in this way.

It shows his interest. “Then she stood up, put her jacket back on with the same robotlike movements.” (The stranger chapter 5 page43) Meursault had interest in this girl, but he couldn’t understand her busy actions. Many people did things in this way, he couldn’t understand. That shows his difference.

Analysis of Chapter 4 and 5 in The Stranger by Albert Camus essay

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