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Changes in the NHL

Updated September 19, 2022

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Changes in the NHL essay

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In the past there were more goals, less penalties, and never any talk about an Olympic size rink, all that has changed in the last few years. The NHL has changed since the introduction of, the new crease rule, the enforcement of obstruction, and the request for an Olympic size rink. The new crease rule is the most controversial rule change that the NHL has ever introduced. There has been less goals since the players have not been allowed to have even a toe in the goal crease when a player scores a goal.

The old rule was that players were allowed to be in the crease as long as they don’t interfere with the goalie. The NHL has since made the crease smaller so that there is less chance of a player being in the crease, but that hasn’t changed the fact that players are still in the crease when a player scores a goal. On average there has been at least two goals a night called back since the new crease rule. The obstruction rule has been one of the best rule changes ever in the NHL.

Players are not allowed to interfere with other players if they are going into the play were the puck is. This new rule has cleaned up the game of hockey tremendously. Some of the obstruction calls are, obstruction hooking, obstruction holding, obstruction tripping, so on, and so forth. When the obstruction rule first came into effect there was way more penalties, now the penalties are becoming less. The request for an Olympic size rink still has not been approved by the NHL. The NHL has talked about upgrading their regular size rink to an Olympic size one.

If the NHL comes to an agreement to go to the Olympic size rink, the game would be a lot faster, a lot more open, and there would be many more great set up plays. The NHL might have the Olympic size rink by the 2001-2002 season. Fewer goals, more penalties, and the request for an Olympic size rink. All this has happened in the last few years in the NHL. The new crease rule, the enforcement of obstruction, and the request for an Olympic size rink, has changed the NHL in the past few years and will continue to effect the future of the NHL.

Changes in the NHL essay

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