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Chasing Amy

Updated September 24, 2022

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Chasing Amy essay

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The lighting for this scene was the lighting from the club, low dingy restaurant style lighting. Once again in this scene there are no close ups or P.O.V. shots to make the viewer see how the couple interacts with each other. This is a very popular shot in this movie, it is used in almost every sequence in the movie involving Holden and Alyssa. But as it goes on, Alyssa exits the frame as she is beckoned on stage, then the infamous scene when she is finished when she kisses another woman. As soon as Holden sees this, they show point of view shots of him looking around the bar realizing that in actuality, he is in a lesbian bar.

The shots are quick and sparatic with quick shots of him turning his head turn to see two women. Another scene where the cinematography is important, is the scene where Holden finally admits his feelings to Alyssa. The scene goes on as they are in Holden’s car while he is driving her home. The camera is in the back seat of the car. The camera is not held stationary and has sparatic movements and shakes going back and forth from Holden to Alyssa. Until the car comes to a screeching halt.

The camera angle quickly changes to showing from the front of the cabin in the car. This is where he admits to her that he can no longer hold his feelings in any longer. As he tells her everything, this is the first time that they use a close up between toe two. First they show a close up of him so show how sincere that he is in his feelings, and while he is talking the angle quickly changes to her to show how she has a look of shock and almost like she is appalled. Quickly to cut back to him, still close up, to him again with the same look like he is almost kidding and relieved that he had finally gotten this off of his chest. Then a close up of her as she leaves in a hurry from the car, while Holden is close to follow. When they are outside of the car, the scene goes back to the way the camera was in the back of the car, sparatic camera work that added a stand off atmosphere to the whole scene in general. It shows that this is a trivial time in each of their lives, and a decision from one choice to the other could change their lives forever. They showed this perfectly with the camera work of going back and forth between one side and the other.

Once again Holden is on the right side, saying how every relationship has a period of adjustment. While on the left is Alyssa telling him that it is not that easy, she is gay, and telling him changing her sexual preference can turn her whole world into upheaval. Using unsteady and sparatic camera work shows that her life is as hectic as it is, it does not need any more changes. But as Holden walks off camera in one direction, and Alyssa walks off in the other, she quickly runs back into the scene and passionately kiss each other and while they do that, the camera work becomes stable once again.

After they decide to try to change their lives, everything is going wonderfully as they find out that they complete each other. Until one day when Holden finds out about her past sexual experiences that make him feel like he is inferior to her and that she has been lying to him all along. The scene is in a hockey arena, as Holden and Alyssa watch a local team play. While the scene is going on, Holden alludes that he knows something about her past. Till finally he asks her about her high school nickname, Fingercuffs. As soon as he says that, a quick cut to the hockey game shows that the home team has scored, showing that he has made a first strike in the conversation. As the conversation is going on, they keep talking. Holden is still alluding to her past and she is now well aware of it. When he asks her if she knows Rick Derris, her former partner, the scene cuts to the hockey game once again. In this cut, one of the players is body checked into the boards.

This signifies that he has made a deep blow into the past of Alyssa. He continues with asking her about her past, as soon as he does, a fight breaks out in the hockey game. The fight cuts show that Alyssa is getting aggravated with Holden trying to be slick and smooth with his questions. Till finally Alyssa jumps up Yelling that everything that she has heard about her past is probably true as she storms out of the arena. As she says this, the fight comes to an abrupt end with one of the players hitting the ice hard. As the fight ends, so does their storybook relationship. The movie Chasing Amy is a masterpiece that fully complements the end for Kevin Smith’s New Jersey Trilogy. The direction is wonderful and the cinematography shows that love can appear in many different places.

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Chasing Amy essay

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