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Comparing Computers

Updated January 29, 2019

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Comparing Computers essay

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Comparing Computers ASSIGNMENT 12 00 COMPARE AND CONTRAST PROGRAMS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS At home I have Microsoft Office, not the 2000 version but I can tell you this program is like no other when it comes to presentation and processor capabilities. It is the cadillac of the programs. I have contemplated getting the office 2000 version however I am told it is very complicated and not generally for home or small business use.

It is generally for the company that networks and moves around on the world wide web. As far as their database goes, it is also fairly good with Microsoft Access however transporting the database into other programs is still difficult in that it is complicated. Publisher 2000 is again an added boost to this program since it is able to help you with any publication/presentation, mailings and so on. The cost is high also which makes it less attractive for the small business owner. Microsoft Back Office, Small Business Server, is just that, a server. The cost is more reasonable however its capabilities are limited.

Arc Server IT 6.6 is an excellent program for a small business because it has great database movement capabilities. Its backup and security programs are terrific which is paramount for a small business. I have know small business owners who have spent hours trying to recoup their database. It can cost them a lot of time and money with this type of a problem. This company also provides help, 24 hours of the day which is the biggest help for these store owners. There is almost no amount of money that can surpass this quality.

Comparing Computers essay

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