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Waste Management Crisis In India

Updated August 24, 2022

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Waste Management Crisis In India essay

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Delhi produces in excess of 9,500 metric huge amounts of refuse each day. All being dumped at three landfill locales – Bhalswa, Ghazipur and Okhla. Of these destinations, Ghazipur in east Delhi is the most seasoned and is presently finished saturated.Operational since 1984, the Ghazipurlandfill site is situated along the NH-24 Ghazipur close UP outskirt in East Delhi Tehsil and spread over a territory of 70 sections of land. As indicated by the assessments, there is more than 14 million tons of waste at the site with normal tallness of the load at 65-meter tall.

The site had overshot the point of confinement of 15-meter for a landfill site in 2002, however scarcely any means have been taken to counter it. There was a nonattendance of any elective site keeping the landfill practical. There have been mischances caused at the site, calling for quick activity to move to another landfill site.After the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) moved the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to help locate an other site, it has now recorded an oath with the green Bench to coordinate the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to hand over a 130-section of land real estate parcel at Sonia Vihar and a 50-section of land plot at GhondaGujran for arrive filling. Both these areas fall under zone ‘O’ or the Yamuna River Zone classification. Be that as it may, it being said that these two proposed landfill destinations might harm and sullying the floodplain. The NGT Bench had before requested that EDMC move the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the state contamination control board to vet the land and check whether it is fit to be utilized as a landfill site.

“The CPCB ought to choose the issue in the following three weeks (sic),” the NGT was accounted for as saying. Consistently more than 2000 metric ton of waste is being dumped at the Ghazipur landfill territory. Of which, around 1000 metric ton of blended refuse, 200 metric ton of C&D squander, 600 metric ton from WTE and 200 metric ton make out of the other waste is being included a regular schedule. For such a gigantic measure of waste being dumped in more than 600 truckloads, the labor isn’t exceptionally adequate which at present stands at 62 people.

There are further 2 measure scaffold of 25MT limit, 4 bulldozers of 180 BH, 3 excavators of 20MT and 1 water tank of 6000 liters limit. Consequently, we should center around observing and dealing with the effects. To relieve the negative impacts, while augment the positive effects in the previously mentioned zones. Description and status of the landfill site Ghazipur is a village in East Delhi tehsil in East Delhi District of Delhi, India. It is located 8 km towards North from District headquarters PreetVihar, 8 km from East Delhi, 11 km from State capital Delhi. Ghazipur is a new commercial hub and many new markets for flowers, fruits and clothes have come up.

It has been one of the largest dumping site for Delhi. Landfill has grown over the past years that it is now visible from 5 km. Kalyanpuri (2 km), AnandVihar (2 km), NirmanVihar (3 km), SurajmalVihar (4 km), Patparganj (4 km) are the nearby Villages to Ghazipur. Ghazipur is surrounded by Delhi Tehsil towards west, East Delhi Tehsil towards South, Central Delhi Tehsil towards west, and North Delhi Tehsil towards North. NOIDA, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Loni are the nearby Cities to Ghazipur.

This Place is in the border of the East Delhi District and Gautam Buddha Nagar District. With an approximate area cover of 29.62 Hectare (70 acres), and over 14 million tonnes of waste accumulated over 34 years of waste dumping Ghazipur Landfill Site is the oldest and the largest landfill site in Delhi. The landfill site of Ghazipur has been in effect from 1984. The site initially was supposed to hold 15 meters high of the waste but today one can see a towering 65 metres high heap of waste. Ghazipur landfill site was supposed to by the end of 2002 however, due to lack of proper communucation, new site wasn’t identified thus, an excess of 16 years of dumping was done to the existing landfill site. Today Delhi produces about 9,500 metric tonnes of waste everyday of which 3000-3500 metric tonnes are dumped at the Ghazipur landfill site.

Ecah day, over 2000 metric tonnes of solid waste is dumped, over 200 metric tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste, and over 600 metric tonne of residues from the waste to energy plant with a capacity of 2000 metric tonne. An additional of 400 metric tonnes of waste from other sources is also being added everyday to this huge lump of waste. Over 600-650 truckloads of waste is being added to the landfill.

Waste Management Crisis In India essay

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