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Feature Order Processing

Updated January 17, 2019

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Feature Order Processing essay

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Feature Order Processing & Packing No Order Too Big, Too Insignificant. Regardless of the size of the order— one or 1000— Salasa has in place SOPs that get the job done. Our integrated management system software, generates an efficient workflow process that logs, sorts and prioritizes orders. Salasa process your B2B or B2C orders within hours and offers customize packaging options.

Upon receipt of an order it is packed, protected and shipped through a state of the art inventory and shipment management system to the transaction to your customer. Salasa understands that labels count. Effective labeling customizes, promotes, explains and defines what you sell. We therefore ensure that the labeling is done right every time.

This ensures that when your order moves it carries your mark. We take pride in doing it right. Order-processing communication is the key to a successful execution and our systems are integrated with the leading material movers to streamline your E-Commerce fulfillment needs. We thus get you loyal customers by providing them an accurate and professional order fulfillment as quickly as possible. Returns Management Efficient return handling better repositioning. e-selling has become the primary sales channel.

As a result, returns management has become an increasingly significant part of the supply chain. Reliable returns management services contribute towards improved inventory control and reduced overall costs. Customers return products for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, the returned product needs to be received, checked, and positioned either back into the inventory or out of it. Salasa offers an efficient returns fulfillment service.

Accordingly, we inspect the returned products, segregate any damaged product and either return it to the vendors or reposition back into active stock, the undamaged. The conditions for restocking are all set in agreed with the client. We also manage reshipments of the returns. Your business growth will naturally increase the number of returns. Partnering with a team that has the knowhow to get these products back on the shelf and into the supply chain will help your bottom line. Handling in Tagline + Description Salasa receives, scan and shelves, e-commerce products to Salasa warehouse.

We employ high-quality, industry-specific shrink-wrap, bundling and gluing materials so that the material that is the subject of your order is kept safe, stable, clean and tamper-resistant. We have at our facility the equipment necessary to get the job done —from the L-Bar sealers to the automatic bundlers. Salasa offers customized packaging and handling of fragile and special care products. Storage Your Space, Your Convenience.

Save your capital for sales and marketing by eliminating costs for building or renting warehouse at prime locations. Utilizing our storage provides Real Time Inventory control and reporting that assists Inventory forecasting. Combined with this Salasa Warehousing solution offers flexible space solutions to serve both your stand-alone warehousing and value-added requirements. We can offer both Dedicated and Shared space, within our facility.

For dedicated storage we can provide dedicated racking and 24-hour security. For the more cost effective shared solution, we offer flexible space arrangements in line with your regular demand or seasonal spikes. We offer integration with any e-commerce platform and have access to state of the art order and inventory management software that allows us to offer you optimal storage for the subject material of your order not only at the warehouse but throughout the supply chain. The success of our storage management process stems from: • Allocating Order Inventory • Reserving Order Inventory • Replenishing the out moved • Transportation Integration Order Management Solution Orders may come through any channel … not a problem with Salasa! The Salasa Platform can be integrate with any e-commerce platform and provide order and inventory management software. The Salasa Platform is an Easy-to-use interface that integrates with your store for real-time, order inventory and delivery status. The Salasa Platform has the ability to accept orders in almost any format and configuration and process them through our efficient systems.

We can thus provide updated shipping, transactional and inventory data as per the need of our client. Our team works closely with all clients to deliver results that can be relied on. Fast & Flexible Shipping Shipping that delivers in time every time Salasa offers many shipping options at attractive pricing with GCC coverage. A Full Spectrum of Shipping Options Shipping is not merely about the weight and delivery timeframe.

Salasa performs analytics of each shipment like the cost of the package, the destination, and physical features of the shipment to select the optimal carrier to be engaged ensure timely deliveries at least cost. Salasa currently offers all the major carriers: UPS, DHL etc. CUSTOMER SUCCESS Uplifting your experience through reducing your costs and increasing your Sales. What Our Patrons Say: Without Salsa we would not be growing at the rate we are today. What an efficient multi-channel selling tool we have at our disposal. Salsa is user friendly for our staff to use and has useful functions that save time and effort when handling numerous orders across multiple places.

Within the first year of implementing Salasa our ecommerce operations grew tremendously because we were able to process increased orders across more channels faster. We would highly recommend Salasa if you are looking to automate your order execution and delivery processes. Since our association with Salasa we have realized a reduction in labor costs related to inventory management. Salasa been a very reliable platform and continues to evolve and become more innovative. CUSTOMER CARE Every Customer is special, Caring for them is our culture We let you consider Salasa an extension of your company. We understand that need of the business moving as rapidly as it is requires a third party provider who responds with the required urgency, integrity, and responsibility that keeps you ahead of the competition.

We take pride in providing that level of customer satisfaction. Our customer service doesn’t end with our customer service representatives. It moves throughout our company and is evident with our commitment to do what is necessary to get the job done. We go beyond borders to give you and your customers the service you expect. FAQS Find your common queries answered. FAQs BLOGS Where experience is shared Over time our experience has allowed us to gain valuable insights into the needs of our patrons.

This blog provides us an opportunity to share info on best practices in ecommerce. You would find tips for ecommerce sites, fulfillment solutions, and more. JOIN US Fulfilling Careers Await the deserving; CONTACT US We are just a click away Contact us to find out how Salasa can serve your fulfillment requirements. Share what you expect from us. We are committed to outperform expectations.

Feature Order Processing essay

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