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Natural Disaster Relief Foundation 

Updated September 5, 2022

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Natural Disaster Relief Foundation  essay

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In our partnership with Compassion Reality, and their mission to become a global organization, the Natural Disaster Relief Foundation alleviates hardships humans can face when a disaster strikes, with the help of corporate donations, and the kindness of volunteers. Our goal is to help the wellbeing of natural disaster survivors – focusing on 3rd world countries.

The NDRF core fundamental principles include humanity, unity, universality and volunteer service. We strive to help humanity by helping every person no matter race, background, income or any discrimination to the human beings they are. NDRF endeavors unity into our mission by joining as a whole with the people we help. Together we are unified, coming as one to help less fortunate. Our goal is to soon have all countries involved with our services by 2030, (taking off in 2020). We believe universality is an important aspect in our goal because we want all disasters to be included, not just the easiest cases. All societies have equal status and share equal responsibilities in helping each other. Last but not least volunteer services. Without volunteer services, our non-for-profit work would not be possible, because without them there is no one to do the cleaning and work in each country. The Natural Disaster Relief Foundation is incredibly thankful and always in need of more volunteers, not in prompt to gain anything for the services they give.

Company Goals

The NDRF is goal oriented. We strive to have our shelters grow quickly and the relief help will grow more rapidly. This is because helping rebuild will take longer, which will allow it to grow slower but efficiently. Within the first year we want to set up 30 relief shelters, the shelters will either already be built and we will go in and revitalize them, making them more friendly to the people that need them. We would place people in shelters like churches, community centers, but get them moved to our NDRF shelters, specialized in their individual needs. By our second year we would like to reach out with a 15% increase in shelters and countries able to support.

Description of Victims and Their Needs

Shelters will be equipped with shelter for each refuge. The basics like clean water, food, clothing, blankets and toiletries. Many people struggling from the storms devastation on their community and family members will need proper counseling to begin coping with what has happened, what they have lost, and where they should go from there. Medical help like blood transfusions, eye examinations, hearing checks are all part of the medical program at NDRF shelters. The NDRF shelters will also help with sterilization in order to decrease the chances of spreading diseases.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing involves many strategies. Price budget will depend on how bad the area is left after the disaster. The Natural Disaster Relief Foundation is in charge of asking corporations for $100,000 per $100,000,000 in sales the corporation earns, companies that earn $1,000,000 or less in sales will be asked to donate anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000. Bigger companies will be asked to donate more based off of their production of sales. Middle class homeowners will be asked to donate $100 to $500 with the purpose of helping any family in needs.


The Natural Disaster Relief Foundation has competitors even though we strive for the wellbeing of others. Our competitors can range from non-profit-organizations to for-profit businesses. This is because the NFP organizations could have a related cause, or the same target audience. We would be concerned for other NFP organizations stealing ideas or the uniqueness of our company. For-profit businesses that had the same goals would be a competition because of the funding they have that we do not.

Marketing Mix

Our company will appeal to people as it helps them in their time of need, no matter their location. We will need at least $100,000 in donations to successfully help the victims of each natural disaster. We will need to advertise with advertisements on television or radio. We will also appeal to the younger crowd by advertising in very popular apps such as spotify and pandora. Ultimately we would target corporations that are global themselves because they would want to support global economic trends happening, therefore this would prompt them to want to donate to our causes. The most logical way for people to donate money to us would be to set up an accessible website for corporations to have easy access to donate.

Economic, Social, Legal, and Technological Trends

When natural disasters strike, economic growth can be slowed or halted for decades, causing a major crisis in the country’s welfare. By donating our time, money, and items we help speed up the process of recovery and get the country back on their feet.

Society in itself is causing these natural disaster, with hotter atmosphere causing more water and winds for more deadly storms – unless humanity starts taking action, these storms will never calm down.

Our legal team will need to contact the struggling country’s government in order to obtain the needed documents to enter the country. We will also acquired the needed licensing for our workers in order to help the victims. Our legal team will constantly update our requirements as we are needed in different countries.

Some technological trends that have tremendously helped natural disaster relief foundations include drones, advances in medicine and surgeries, automobiles designed to carry necessities or injured people, and more.

Human Resource Requirements

The National Disaster Relief Foundation prides itself on experience, compassion, and advocacy for our mission. Staffing decisions are among the most important decisions that are made. Volunteers are not prompted by the gain of fame or money, but by the gain of helping each other overcome the unfortunate.

The NDRF fills positions with people who are willing and able to take on the job, providing accurate and realistic job and skill specifications for each position helps ensure that it will be filled by someone capable of handling the responsibilities associated with that position.

Written job descriptions are essential to communicating job expectations. It is a requirement for all volunteers to read and follow the handbook to perform their job and duties correctly.

Performance appraisals, when coupled with specific job expectations, help boost performance. The NDRF requires team building exercises that employees have to do that keep them on task, this helps the team that is hired, to work quickly, and effectively under pressured situations.

Marketing Timeline

Timeframes will differ depending on the devastation of the natural disaster, but we have created a list of things that need to be covered; starting off with being called to the storm. An average storm’s timeframe would take one year to go through the process thoroughly.

Be called to assist in a crisis event.

Call volunteers, make counts and plan of housing the amount of people and quickly dive into action, find transportation for refugees.

Place refugees in NDRF shelters closest to them.

Provide toiletries, water, food, clothing and blankets.

After the visible signs of the disaster have faded, many need help emotionally, so we would then assign them to counselors that specialize in trauma.

Have social workers come in and help place people with jobs to get them on their feet again.

Slowly pull out of the area, help refugees become more independent.

Find new disasters to give relief to.

Methods of Measuring Success

The National Disaster Relief Foundation measures success by how many victims are helped, how efficiently we help them, and how thoroughly they are helped. We measure success by the living conditions and attitudes of the victims. .

Structured ways we measure success is by fundraising cost per dollar raised. We do this by comparing the amount of money raised with how much we spend making the campaign happen. We do this by dividing the fundraising cost by the amount we raised. We evaluate outcomes by focusing on the number of refugees we were trying to impact, and studying data to see if goals were met. For example, if 1,000 people were in need of medical assistance, our goal is to generate help to more than 80% of the people.

We also measure our success by looking at other non-profit event organizations. Seeing other non-profits net income from a yearly basis.This helps monitor how we are being affected positively or negatively by comparing findings to how good other organizations are performing to us.

Natural Disaster Relief Foundation  essay

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