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Childhood Development

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Assessment of Health and Nutrition Indicators of Early Childhood in India

Introduction Early childhood health and nutrition is a true indication of countries’ level of progress and development. These health indicators are directly linked from beginning to end existing Govt. policies, plans and programmes to countries’ investment in early childhood and respect for children’s rights. Social determinants of health and nutrition are factors that characterize environments…

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Early Childhood Development

The first topic that I believed was the most important has to be Early Childhood Development. I learned that there are many different stages in childhood development. It starts with the sensorimotor stage, which is birth to two years old. These kids are experiencing things in life through their senses and basic actions, such as…

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Influence of Verbal and Emotional Abuse on Children’s Development

The purpose of this paper is to show the effects of verbal and emotional abuse in children. This does not only apply to the verbal abuse that is received from parents but also from kids at school or even siblings. The first article that I chose is based on a survey done in Slovenia by…



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Verbal Abuse

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Exploring Infancy Development

Abstract This paper explores the multidimensions of development during the time of infancy, or the developmental period experienced from the time of birth to age two. Through a careful review of the cognitive, physical, and socioemotional issues that arise during this monumental stage of life, information is provided regarding key developmental milestones and processes experienced…

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The Influence of Play Dough on the Child’s Development

 Introduction The house is quiet, too quiet. Which for anyone else this may just be a normal day but not for the average mom. You go in to check on the kids and they are chewing on the toys, eating the glue and playdough. You quickly grab the glue from their hands and the playdough…

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Comic Books Positively Influence Psychological Development in Children

The arguments in regards to the effects of media on the psychology of children are endless. In the midst of this the stand of what effect comic books have on child development is questioned. Comic books positively influences a child’s psychological development due to their ability to communicate important social issues, stimulate creativity, and depict…


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Childhood Development

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