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Updated November 1, 2018

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these trials and false accusations
practices. Those who were proved to
required only to do penance. But in
all magic and miracles that did not
suspicion of witchcraft were women,
evidently regarded by witch-hunters
accomplices, or familiars. Although
represent vestiges of pre-Christian
religion, the old religion probably
of confrontations with such heresy,
most actual prosecution of witches.
philosophical work of scholasticism
supernatural and not of God must be
minions (see Aristotle). Later, the
Dominican inquisitors in 1486. This
paid a fee for each conviction. The
insensitive to pain; if such a spot
was found, it was regarded as proof
body of water; if she sank, she was
the suspected was innocent, she was
poked and pricked all over her body
The persecution of witches declined
Enlightenment, which subjected such
the last outbreaks of witch-hunting
already declining in Europe. Twenty
people were executed in the wake of
magic and it was proposed that they
accused were actually witches. They
were accused because the girls said
were indeed bewitched, it was all a
unfortunately, after the trials and
household of Reverend Samuel Parris
would occasionally act bewitched or
repented her role in the witch-hunt
just a hoax, and good acting, it is
possible that one of the “affected”
soon joined the girls in testifying
against the “witches”. But soon had
second thoughts after an accusation
entitled to take communion. She was
she was then found guilty and hung.
but she argued her case so well and
found not guilty. She was released,
was convicted and hung on September
imagination. But, as already stated
in this report, other events led up


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