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Sales Department Employment Contract This contract Of Employment Is Made By

Updated January 17, 2019

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Sales Department Employment Contract This contract Of Employment Is Made By essay

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Sales Department Employment Contract This contract Of Employment Is Made By & Between ZEBEC & _______________ Bearer Of CNIC No – – On The Other Part ZEBEC Shall Hereinafter Be Called The “Employer”, And __________________ Hereinafter Is Called The “Employee”.

Employee’s Address: Present Address_____________________________________________________________________ Permanent Address__________________________________________________________________ The Employer and Employee hereby agree to the terms and conditions as set out in this employment contract. JOB AND DESIGNATION The Employer hereby agrees to employ the employee and employee hereby accepts the designation as below, the job description shall be prescribed by the management. DESIGNATION:Sales Executive SALARY:The Employer shall pay to the Employee monthly net of TAX salary as under….. Composite Gross Salary: 7,000/- EMPLOYEMNT COMMENCEMENT AND DURATION The Employment shall be for the period from __________ and shall be effective only on signing of this contract and shall stand terminated on ___________ unless the period of contract is extended by mutual consent and in writing only.

The Employment can be terminated in accordance with clause X of this contract. TERMS AND CONDITIONS WORKING ETHICS: These work rules are applicable to all Employee. Employees shall be responsible for securing prescription/nonprescription drugs in their possession while at the work site. An employee taking prescribed medication(s) under the orders of a physician shall report the fact to her/his supervisor, if the medication(s) may affect her/his performance. Possession, ingestion or distribution of alcoholic beverages and illegal or controlled substances at work sites is prohibited.

Racial, ethnic or sexual harassment of any person is prohibited. Firearms or weapon of any kind are prohibited on work sites. Employees maintain current and accurate personal data with their supervisor and the Human Resource office. Employees shall not conduct any personal business during working hours nor use state or work site Telephones or Cell Phones to place or receive personal calls except in emergencies or with supervisory approval. Unauthorized possession, duplication or use of agency keys, badges, identification cards or any other state property is prohibited. The removal or destruction of state property, documents and other equipment or material.

Including client property or records from work sites without authorization is prohibited. Employees unable to report for work shall call in to their supervisor or designee within one-half hour of the start of their schedule work day to provide the reason for their tardiness or absence or to request the use of earned time as required. Where continues operations are involved, a call shall be made at least one-half hour prior to start of a shift. Employees shall be at their assigned work places at the designated hour ready to work, and remain at work at all times in a fit physical and mental condition until the end of their shift unless excused by their immediate supervisor. Employees are required to work overtime as directed. Employees shall not refuse or fail to perform work assigned to them.

An employee shall not interfere with the productivity of other employees nor cause any interruption of work. Sleeping or inattentiveness on duty is prohibited. Employees shall comply with all State and Federal confidentiality laws and regulations and are prohibited from access, use or disclosure of service recipients protected health information without proper authorization. Physical violence, verbal abuse, inappropriate or incident conducts and behavior that endangers the safety and welfare of persons or property is prohibited. Employees shall not falsify any client records, work reports, employee records or other official documents. Employees shall immediately report alleged violation of existing work rules, policies, procedures or regulations to a supervisor.

Every Employee shall maintain cleanliness of their work stations and protection of the equipment provided to them with care. Honoring one’s commitments is a matter of integrity and honesty. For the Tele professional this includes honoring contracts, agreements and assigned responsibilities. Facebook, YouTube and other social websites are not permitted to be browsed during office hours. On Employer computers.

Skype and other VOIP modes should not be used for any personal calls. Employees need to speak in English at all time in the work hours. Job Responsibilities for Customer Sales Representative “Sales Executive”shall complete 7hours of dialing in his/her shift. “Sales Executive” will be responsible to generate the valuable sales & transfers for SSEs to close the sales.

“Sales Executive”shall keep customer information details confidential. “Sales Executive”shall not take any information of the customer out of the office premises. “Sales Executive”is responsible to switch off his/her computer when dialing time is over. “Sales Executive”must provide the accurate information to the customer about the product.

She/He must have a grip over the product knowledge. You are required to perform the duties and responsibilities related to your position at any division, department or section in the company. Rules and Regulations Sales Executiveshall be formally dressed, i.e. dress pants & Dress Shirt. Employment tag shall be worn by Sales Executive.

Sales Executive shall adhere by the timings scheduled. The contract is valid for one year. Targets are applicable for the basic Salary & Bonus. Sales performance will be reviewed on quarterly bases. Sales commission will be payable on every 15th of the following month. Basic Salary will be payable in between 5th of every month.

Consecutive 7 days of absentees will lead to termination. 3 late comings will be mark as one unpaid leave. 10 late comings will lead the penalty 30% deduction from gross salary. Uninformed absent will lead the penalty of PKRs 500/- (Unit Of Penalty). Minimum 500Rs or Max 1000Rs will be deduct from monthly basic salary as security amount.

The Employee may also contribute 500Rs in every month in due course of services of an employment. There are no holidays except Eid & Australian holidays. 1 leave is paid in a month with a valid reason. In case of any other leave there will be deduction.

Deduction criteria are your salary would be divided in 30 days and then it will be deducted according to per day salary. WORKING HOURS AND DAYS The Employee shall be required to work 08 hours per days, including lunch hour and 40 hours in a week, with Sunday as weekend holiday. However, the employer may prescribe any other week days as holiday, keeping in view the exigencies of work. In case of assignment of the Employee to any client’s office, the working hours and weekly holidays shall be observed as per client’s practice or instructions.

Timings are to be followed. RULES FOR RESIGNATION Resignation letter should be submitted by the employee to the head of department. HOD should discuss with the employee and make an attempt to retain him if he is a critical person on the project or is an asset to the organization. After accepting the resignation letter, the HOD signs the same with his remarks: The resignation is duly accepted and Mr/Ms can be relieved.

The reliving date of the employee will be as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the appointment letter and the standard notice period of 30 days. However in special cases HOD is authorized to waive the notice period and relive the employee at an earlier date, subject to proper handing over procedure set forth in process. The HOD should forward the same to HR Head after his comments. HR head shall keep the director and the concerned authorities informed on the resignation accepted.

The employee shall be issued a reliving letter on his last day of work or the day agreed and will be relived from the services on the close of the working hours of the day mentioned in the reliving letter subject to his getting the clearance from the departments mentioned in the No objection certificate form and handing over the charge and property in his possession to the person assigned. Fixed Salary Plan: In Fixed salary basic salary of an employee is 7000/- Rs. Sales Basic Bonus Total 0-1 Sale 7000 Rs 0 7000 2 Sales 7000 Rs 2000 9000 3 Sales 7000 Rs 4000 11000 4 Sales 7000 Rs 6000 13000 5 Sales 7000 Rs 8000 15000 6 Sales 7000 Rs 10,000 17000 7 Sales 7000 Rs 12,000 19000 8 Sales 7000 Rs 14,000 21000 9 Sales 7000 Rs 16,000 23000 10 Sales 7000 Rs 18,000 25000 Rs. 1000 is attended bonus added in basic salary. 100% attendance you will get a bonus of Rs. 1000.

More than 1 leave all bonus will be deducted. Monthly Bonus Team Bonus 2 Thousand Per sale would be added in the salary after 10 sales. PLACE OF WPORK, POSTING AND TRANSFER The Employee’s place of work shall be initially at “2A Sarwar Road, C/O Askari Girls College and RCCC College, Saddar Rawalpindi”. However, he/she may be posted anywhere in Pakistan at the sole discretion of the employer. EMPLOYEMENT TERMINATION After conformation of your employment, notice of termination of employment will be ONEMONTH notice in writing or ONE MONTH’s salary in lieu of notice from either party. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the company shall be entitled to terminate your employment without notice, indemnities and compensation in any of the following events: The following are examples of infractions of rules that may result in disciplinary action, up to and including Termination of Employment.

If you are in opinion of the company, guilty of dishonesty, misconduct or negligence in the performance of your duties. If you have been found to have committed a serious breach or continual material breach of any of your duties or obligations. If you are found to have made illegal monetary profit or received any gratuities or other rewards in cash or in kind, out of any of the company’s affairs or any of its subsidiaries or related companies. Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of property. Falsification of timekeeping records.

Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Possession, distribution sale, transfer or use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace, while on duty or while operating the employer owned equipment. Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace. Boisterous or disruptive activity in the workplace. Negligence or improper conduct leading to damage of Employer–Ownedproperty. Insubordination or other disrespectful conduct.

Sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment. Violation of safety and health rules. Possession of dangerous and unauthorized materials. Excessive absenteeism or any absence without notice. Unauthorized use of Telephones, using system or other Employer-owned equipment. Unauthorized disclosure of business secrets or confidential information.

Violation of personnel policies. Unsatisfactory performance or conduct. TRAINING EXPENSES The employee may be required to receive special re-training session and therefore be sent to training department of Zebec. The training period unpaid.LEAVE AND COMPENSATED ABSENCE During the period of the employment, the employee will be entitled to total fourteen leaves, seven paid leaves and seven un-paid leaves are allowed in a year. The prescribed leave covers all types of compensated absence, including medical emergency, casual and annual leaves. The Employee will not avail any leave, without prior approval on application in writing from HOD except, sick leave or emergence leave of which the Employee will inform the office at the first instance.

In case of short leave employee should request advance approval in writing from their supervisor/HOD. FAMILY STATUS Employee shall keep the employer informed of any changes in His/Her family status and report these in writing as soon as possible. TAXES All taxes payable as a result of employment with the Employer shall be paid by the Employee Himself/Herself. The Employer shall deduct withholding Tax and other Taxex, as required under the Law from time to time.

EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT The employee shall not undertake in any manner, another assignment engagement or employment while he/she is employed with the employer. The employee affirms that he/she is not under obligation to another employer. Occasionally, an employee may be presented with an investment or business opportunity that is in a similar line of business as that conducted by the company. If an activity is found to exist, the company has full right to take legal actions against employee.

The entire service of the employee shall be devoted to the employer and the employee shall under no circumstances make available his/her services, whether for payment or otherwise to any organization or person without written consent of the Employer. CONFIDENTIALITY The employee shall not divulge or communicate any information, acquired or which comes to his/her notice, knowledge and possession during the course of his/her employment with the employer to any outsider, unauthorized person or other employee. This restriction is valid during the employee’s employment with the employer as well as after termination of his/her employment. This restrictions applies to any and all communications except those specifically determined and approved by the employer.

GENERAL CONDUCT The employee shall observe all policies, procedures and regulations of the employer for the time being in force. The employee shall be responsible for updating himself/herself of these policies, rules and regulations. The employer shall perform his/her duties in an orderly manner to the best satisfaction of his/her superiors and supervisors. In case of assignments of client’s office and shall work under the supervision of the client’s designated official. The employee shall adhere to the customs and conform to a high standard of moral and ethical conduct. Any equipment delivered to the employee by the employer or the client shall be carried and used with utmost care and returned in the same condition as when delivered to the employee, except normal wear and tear.

Damaged, lost or stolen equipment shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the Employee. APPLICABLE LAW Any provision of this contract become invalid or enforceable under any law of the country, such provision shall be considered as having been served from this contract and as having no further force or effect. In any such case, the remaining provisions shall continue to have full force and effect.This contract shall be governed by, and constructed in accordance with the Pakistan Law for the time being in force. ACCORDINGLY, YOU UNDERTAKE THAT You will under no circumstances make available your services to any undertaking or have any interest indirectly or direct in any other undertaking or activity which might interfere with the proper performance of your duties without first obtaining the written permission of the company.

You will not at any time during the continuance or after the termination of your services with the company irrespective of any reason for such termination, make use or disclose to any party either for your own benefit or for the benefit of any party (Individual, Firm, Company, any trade or business), the affairs and confidential information of the company or any of its related companies of which you have knowledge or become aware during the course or your service with the company. You will obey and comply with all reasonable orders and instructions given to you by the company or its authorized agents and observe all standing and other rules or regulations now in force or from time to time approved by the company. Employee: ________________ Manger HR: ________________ Managing Director: ___________________ Signed Date: ________________

Sales Department Employment Contract This contract Of Employment Is Made By essay

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