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School Murder

Updated August 16, 2022

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School Murder essay

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days when a student got into trouble, he/she would have to simply sit in the corner for a period of time, for a simple class disruption. For the same situation in today’s time a student will buy a one way ticket out of the school permanently” (Eberhart 10). In October 1994, congress in acted a law that each state receiving federal Chabert 5 Funds would have in place a law mandating local education agencies to expel for at least one year a student who brings a “weapon” to school. These more strict and harsh punishments bring a sense of reality to the students who step out of line. The superintendents and, when needed, the law enforcement officers enforce many of these punishments policies. These extreme measures act as a deterrent for the world’s troublemakers.

With the new punishments at hand it is a common belief that the public as well as the parents of today’s youth should be aware of the actions of their children as well as the school system. Studies show that these programs are starting to work (Shaw 1-8). Awareness may be the answer to the prevention to the problems that plague our schools today. Because of the recent media coverage, teachers as well as administrators are more alert and eager to assist the students who are in need.

“Across the country, educators like Roberts, are paying attention to students threats of violence, and kids who mean others harm, risk, suspension, expulsion, or even arrest” (Hayes 5). With so many aware it will be more difficult for the violence to reach the school system. The media allows the word of these crack downs on violence to spread to the parents of the school children, which in turn allows them to meter the development of hi/her child (DE 1A). A 1997 survey on schools reporting incidents of various crimes showed Nationally 43% of schools reported more of the listed crimes occurred during 1996-97 school year. 10% of the schools reported at least one serious violent crime (murder, rape or other sexual battery, suicide, physical attack or fight with weapon or robbery). 47% report less serious or non-violent crimes including vandalism, theft/larceny, fight or attack with out a weapon (Discipline 4).

Chabert 6 With all of this in mind one should realize that the world is ever changing, maybe not for the better, maybe not for the worst, but still changing. These changes must be dealt with, whether it is through the use of the metal detectors, or even making the children conform by implementing uniforms. Some of those actions may appear to be quite severe, but in reality, the crimes are just as severe. With gun control laws and new students policies the children must learn what it is like to be discipline and to be aware of their actions, and the repercussions that may follow. Metal detectors are making it easier for kids to go to school. It will be like boarding an airplane when going to school.

This may help prevent the horrible actions that are going on in America’s schools. The students will walk through the detectors at the entrances of the schools. If the detector detects a metal object a sound will be heard, and the police officer at the entrance will be allowed to search the student (Greene 3A). Students will also be required to wear photo ID’s when on school grounds. The students will also be required to have see-through school bags or mesh.

Some schools in America are also going as far as have breath test at the entrance to see if the student was drinking before school (Greene 3A). Parents are now getting involved heavily. Parents are now meeting with school boards to make sure of their kids safety. They are getting together to make plans on how to make schools safe for the kids. Many parents want police on school grounds at all times making sure the kids don’t get out of hand (Galbraith 1A). Many schools are now beginning to take action in faculty-student programs.

These programs will allow students to go to the adult for help. The student can explain any problems to the teacher so that their anger doesn’t get out of hand and hurt another Chabert 7 student. The student can discuss their feelings to the teacher and also call another student in to the conference to settle the dispute calmly instead of violently. If the first meeting doesn’t settle the dispute, the student can always come back for additional meetings till the problem is solved (Moore 1C). The violence in the high schools is getting worse.

The punishments throughout the schools are also getting worse. The principals are not putting up with any kind of unacceptable behavior. Any student caught at school with any kind of harmful weapon will be arrested and suspended for a long time. If a student decides to pick a fight he or she is also going to be suspended for a while. A couple of years ago a fight would be broken up, and the student would be sent to the principal’s office.

The punishment would have been a lot less than what it is to day. (Williams G1). Statistics show that young children are committing the killings in schools now. Ten to fifteen year old kids are turning to violence on each other. All over the United States people hear about third to seventh graders using guns and knives against one another.

Police have arrested many of these kids for killing another student and wounding many others (Williams G1). Many principals were asked to note all the crimes that have happened in their schools. U.S. public school boards wanted to see where the most crimes were being committed. The school boards wanted to see where the dangerous schools were, and the safe schools were. They also took notes on the racial status on crimes.

It turned out that African-Americans were more likely to kill or commit a serious crime than whites. This happens because most African-Americans live in city schools where it is more dangerous to attend. These crimes occur because of either the social status of the students or the language being said between them. The students are at war to prove that their group is Chabert 8 better than the other group (Shaw 1-8). Where does these horrible actions stop? It is up to the American people to take charge of the schools and make it safe for our children. Bibliography 1) Fields, Monique.

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1997: G1.

School Murder essay

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