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Scientific Method

Updated September 20, 2019

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Scientific Method essay

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Scientific Method Scientific Method Scientists solve different problems all of the time, to make their problem solving easier they use the scientific method. The scientific method is a procedure of six steps they are stating the problem, collecting information, forming a hypothesis, preformiong experiments, analyzing the data, and making a conclusion. The first step to the scientific method is to stat the problem in which you wish to anwser. You can do this by asking a clear, amwserable question. The second step is collecting information on the question anwsered.

You have to make observations and study the things on the question so you have more knowledge on the problem. After collectiong the information, scientists then form a hypothesis, or educated guess, on what the solution may be. A hypothesis may be very simple and limited and may be braod and complex depending on the situation. After forming a hypothesis, scientists then preform experiments to test it. In an experiment there is two almost idnetical set ups, but one contains a variable which is the thing being tested. Scientists then record and analyze the data gained from their experiments.

They record the data by making graphs and charts. The final step is forming a conclusion. Depending on the results of the experiments the scientists either accept their hypothesis or reject it. After many experiments are formed they state conclusion. Science Essays.

Scientific Method essay

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