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Interesting Facts about Football

Updated August 25, 2022

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Interesting Facts about Football essay

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Today I would like to explain about the most famous game in the world football.

  1. Football game originates from the china it was played very first in 476bc
  2. Besides, the most famous game in the world. It is most viewing sports in the world. Almost 50% of the world’s population watch the football game.
  3. William Heffelfinger was the first professional football player. He started his career in 1892.
  4. William Heffelfinger’s first payment was 500$
  5. In 1880 a Yale Walter rugby camp changed the rules and transformed into the new game called American football. So that the Yale Walter Camp became as the inventor of football
  6. Kenny Washington was the first professional black football player
  7. As per the rating of 2018, Lionel Messi (Argentina) is the best football player in the world and Cristiano Ronaldo at the second number (Portugal)
  8. Essam El Hadray is the player who has the honor to play the football world cup at the age of 43
  9. The very first football World Cup final took place in 1930 in which Uruguay defeated Argentina with 4 remarkable goals 10
  10. Walter Chauncey an American coach is known as a father of football
  11. The football name soccer was invented in England 200 years ago
  12. Name of the football game is known for the reason that of alike to Rugby game
  13. 80% of footballs are made in Pakistan Sialkot.
  14. A very tragic moment football history was that the whole team got killed in the ground due thunder strike in 1998
  15. Furthermore, a very much interesting fact about the football game is that the players of the football teams are not been allowed to have any physical (Sexual) relation with their wives during the tournament
  16. Since the football converted into a professional game football world cups have been organized yet and 9 remained with Italy and Brazil.
  17. In football world cup 2010 750,000 liter bear had been sold only in the stadium
  18. All the football players run almost 10 km in each game
  19. A very first match of football was played with a ball of basketball.
  20. Real Madrid was the only team to that have to honor to win UCL title three times continuously
  21. Lionel Messi is the only player who had been honored with a hat-trick in football 5 times
  22. Real Madrid won the first UCL title in 1955
  23. French football player Stephen Stains was the only player who scored 16 goals in one match.
Interesting Facts about Football essay

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