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Republic of Cuba is the o

Updated January 17, 2019

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Republic of Cuba is the o essay

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1. Republic of Cuba is the official name of Cuba. 2. Cubans are very sociable people, don’t be surprised by the numerous street compliments. 3. The population of the island is 11.5 million, while the capital is home to 2.5 million people. 4. Cuba is the most densely populated island nation in the Caribbean.

5. In 1961 illiteracy was virtually eliminated from Cuba. 6. Cubans burn dolls on the new year to forget all the bad things and to look forward for good and new things. 7. Cuisine of Cuba is a mixture of Spain and Caribbean dishes. 8. Nine sites of Cuba are included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. There is only one mobile operator in Cuba- ETECSA. 10. Americans need to take government permission to visit Cuba. 11. It is mandatory to vote in Cuba. 12. Cuba is sometimes referred as Ell Coccodrillo because from up it looks like crocodile. 13. All Cuban government cars should drive hitch-hikers. 14. More than 2000 million people visit Cuba’s sights annually.

15. The official language of the Cubans is Spanish. 16. 22% of Cuba’s land is protected. 17. It is compulsory for children from age 6-15 years to go to school. The color of school uniform shows their grade level. 18. The population of white people is more than the population of black in Cuba.

19. Cuba is the 17th largest island in the world. 20. Cuba’s indigenous population eventually was completely destroyed by the Spanish conquerors. 21. Cuba has a low crime rate. 22. Each Cuban has the right to issue only one SIM card for a mobile phone 23. Cuba gained independence from Spain in 1898.

24. In Cuba, the favorite sport is not football (as in most Latin American countries), but baseball. 25. Cuban central channels broadcast without advertising. 26. The smallest bird in the world, a bee hummingbird found in Cuba. 27. Medical care and even major surgeries are free in Cuba. 28. The capital and the largest city of Cuba is Havana. 29. The highest point in Cuba is Pico Turquino, its height is 1,974 m.

30. The Cuba was discovered by the Christopher Columbus. 31. More than 11% of the inhabitants of Cuba are black people. 32. The tallest building in Cuba is the FOCSA Building, it is 121 meters high. 33. In Cuba, most of our usual equipment – cell phones, computers, microwave ovens were allowed to buy from 2008. The main reason for the former ban – saving electricity. 34. The most traditional and favorite Cuban dish is “Congri”, consisting of rice and black beans.

35. The most favorite sport of Cubans is baseball. 36. Cuba has 2 national currencies- Peso and Cuban convertible peso. 37. All education in Cuba is free of charge. At the same time, in each institution of higher education, students have to give exams for Spanish, Cuban history and mathematics. 38. Medicine in Cuba is considered one of the best in the world.

39. The Cuba includes 4000 small and medium-sized islands. 40. Literacy rate of Cuba is 99.8%. 41. Cauto is the longest river in Cuba. 42. On average, people in Cuba live to 78 years. 43. In Cuba, Cola-Cola cannot be bought or sold.

44. Only 5% of the population of Cuba have access to the Internet. 45. In Cuba, the most widespread religion is Catholicism. 46. Cigars of Cuba are the finest in the world. 47. Cubans pass their recipes from generation to generations, but orally, they don’t write it out.

48. The salary of an average working person is $20-30 for a month. 49. No plants and animals are deadly to human in Cuba. 50. Until 1997, Christmas was holiday in Cuba. 51. Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba in 1492, and from 1492-1898 it was controlled by Spain. 52. In Cuba, private trade in seafood (shrimp, lobster) and beef is prohibited. 53. In Cuba 90% of homes are owned by people.

54. There is a fish called the Manjuari is only found in Cuba. 55. There is a species of crocodile that is no longer found in any part of the world except Cuba, and it is very dangerous. 56. There are about 250 beaches and 200 bays in Cuba. 57. Cuba banned the import of cars till 2011.

58. Sugar production from sugar canes is the main crop of Cuba. 59. The doctor-patient ration of Cuba is one of the highest in the world, for every 170 patients there is 1 doctor. 60. Government of Cuba supply egg, bread, rice and rice for free or for cheap prices to the people of Cuba.

Republic of Cuba is the o essay

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