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Foriegn Policy And Cuba

Updated April 27, 2019

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Foriegn Policy And Cuba essay

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Foriegn Policy And Cuba United States Foreign Policy with Cuba As president of the United States of America, Mr. William J. Clinton has five duties to perform. The Constitution states that he must act as Commander in Chief, Chief Executive, Chief of State, Chief Legislator, and Chief Diplomat.

(Constitution) When he deals with foreign policies, he is executing his job as Chief Diplomat. This very important task consists of recognizing foreign governments, making treaties, and making executive agreements. When making the treaties, two-thirds of the senators there must agree with the policy. Congress can also play a part in foreign policies. The framers did not clearly define weather the president or congress had the power over the process, so there is often turmoil when these issues arise. But congress can veto a decision regarding, military action, made by the president if he actually hands it to congress before he carries it out.

Other than military, congress must approve any other potential laws proposed by the president. Domestic policies are issues that concern only our nation and are discussed by and taken care of by our nation. Foreign policy is the way in which our nation deals with other countries; including planning and carrying out the plans. During the Clinton administration, many foreign policies have been thought of and carried out; the main focus to show our involvement with foreign policy is our relationship with Cuba. Right now, the people of Cuba live in a socialist society.

For the past few years we have been trying to help out the Cuban people and start to get them ready for a free, independent, democratic way of life. President Clinton has done many things to promote foreign policy in Cuba. For example, he as made it easier for people to correspond between America and Cuba; and small amounts of money are allowed to be sent to Cuban families and independent organizations, even if you have no relation to anyone in Cuba. (Clinton 1999) Clinton stated, The United States will continue to urge the international community to do more to promote respect for human rights and democratic transition in Cuba. (Clinton 1999) He has also suspended a provision in the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act. (Clinton 1999) This Act allows people who left Cuba, during the revolution, to file suit against Cuba, claiming the property that was confiscated by the government.

The reason for this six-month suspension would be to not create tension between our governments when we are trying to create democracy in Cuba. Also stated by the president, an effort to establish direct mail service to Cuba, as provided for in the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992. (Clinton 1999) He also authorized selling food to independent entities, for instance private farmers and family restaurants. (Clinton 1999) One of the most popular steps in helping the Cuban people is that Clinton has allowed other cities besides Havana to accept planes that now can be chartered from places other than Miami.

These flights would only be for helping to reunite families and would mostly benefit the people still living in Cuba. Congress also has also been involved with the decisions about Cuba. In 1992 the passed the Cuban Democracy Act, which prohibits foreign-based subsidiaries of U.S. companies from Trading with Cuba, travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens, and family remittances to Cuba.

The law Allows private groups to deliver food and medicine to Cuba. (Congress 1992) As we speak, there is a notion in the senate for the repeal of the trade embargo. Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war, relations with Cuba have improved. This, coupled with Cubas economic problems because of the fall of the Soviet Union, which supplied Cuba with economic support, is leading Cuba towards a more democratic government. Foreign and domestic polices are something that we have been concentrating on quite a bit since we first became the United States of America. Since Clinton was elected president, we have been mainly focusing on domestic policies, and we must not forget that the world is not only composed of our nation.

We must remind ourselves of our important objectives with other countries. Politics Essays.

Foriegn Policy And Cuba essay

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