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Consequences of Drunk Driving

Updated November 1, 2018

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Consequences of Drunk Driving essay

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Drinking and driving is an event that takes place everyday and everywhere. People chose to drink and drive for numerous reasons. Sometimes people feel that they must drink to have a good time but have no intention of driving. This is not always how it turns out. Usually after one has drunk alcohol, his or her ability to make smart decisions has been impaired.

So in the end they decided that they can drive. This decision may not always results in getting arrested or having an accident, but it is too great a risk to take. Drinking and driving is a crime that has consequences that affect a person both personal and financially. If one is caught in the act of drinking and driving he or she is often faced with a lot of fines. These fines included court cost, which can get into the hundreds, and the fine for the crime itself, which are very high in cost. If one gets into a wreck while drinking and driving his or her insurance probably will not cover the accident, which, depending on the severity of the accident, could cost an enormous amount of money.

If one were to hit another vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, the driver of the other vehicle could sue for a lot of money. Drinking and driving is a crime that can cost one a lot of money, which could be used for education or other important things. It is a very bad thing to have a reputation as a person who gets in a lot trouble. If one is like I am, he or she does not like for people to think badly of them, and getting arrested is definitely not a positive event.

I consider getting arrested as being one of the most humiliating and degrading events in my life. I would like to go to college and become a doctor one day, but if I have a DUI on my record it makes it almost impossible to get into medical school. So in the end, the reputation of drinking and driving could ruin my future. If one were to hurt another individual in his or her stupidity of drinking or driving, he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. Say someone was in the car when the wreck accrued and they got severely hurt or even killed, the driver of the car would feel responsible for that person. Even worse if two cars were to collide and one of the cars was being driven by a drunk driver, the sober driver is more likely to be injured.

This is because a drunk persons body will remain limp through out the wreck, where as a sober person will tense up and be more likely to be injured. In the out come of the wreck if the innocent person is hurt or killed, the drunk person will have to live with that horrible burden for the rest of their life. The main reason that I have chosen to quite drinking, is because I do not want to mess up my like and or someone elses life over something as stupid as drinking and driving. I realize that what I have done is very wrong and dangerous, and not just because I got caught.

I do not know how I would be able to live with my self if I were to kill someone. I would not want to make my loved ones have to deal with my death. I also do not want to make my parents have to go through any more grief than I already have.I realized that I have had more opportunities than many other people to redeem myself, and I have chosen to take my good luck and change. The personal and financial cost of drinking and driving are too great a risk to take. The many things that one can be charge with or have to deal with are reasons enough to quite the bad habit.

Alcohol is a drug that can cause people to do irresponsibility things that can result in very expensive fines and personal anguish. In conclusion, there is no excuse that can cover someone for making the unintelligent decision to drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car. Bibliography:

Consequences of Drunk Driving essay

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