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In “opinions and social pressure” Solomon E

Updated January 17, 2019

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In “opinions and social pressure” Solomon E essay

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In “opinions and social pressure” Solomon E. Asch discusses his finding for surveying the pressure of a group on a sole person.

In his findings he details that the vast amount of people did one of two things they either conformed or to the opposite rebled completely against the group. In the experiment, Asch was attempting to prove that an individual would conform to the ideals of a group. Asch used one hundred and twenty-three male college students, to determine whether or not the individual – who was told nothing of the group’s activities beforehand – would go against the group who had been told to answer falsely after a predetermined amount of time. In doing the it forced the individual to either conform by abandoning they’re beliefs in the correct answer or to stay true but risk being a social pariah.

In “opinions and social pressure” Solomon E essay

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