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Inferences About the Thoughts, Emotions, Intentions, and Viewpoints of Others

Updated September 6, 2022

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Inferences About the Thoughts, Emotions, Intentions, and Viewpoints of Others essay

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When our group began researching, it was important that we had a definition of social understanding. We ended up defining it as the ability to make inferences about others’ thoughts, emotions, intentions, and points of view. After we had decided on human resources as our career topic, I started searching for job descriptions.

This gave me further information on job responsibilities, skills to have and requirements. A human resources professional develops and manages their company’s culture. They do things like recruit new hires, maintain benefits and payroll, mediate conflict and engage in training and development. Human resource generalists handle a number of these areas and tasks simultaneously.

Small companies will typically have one or two human resource generalists on staff, while larger ones may have many devoted to particular areas and services (HR Job Description, 2018). A bachelor degree is going to be very helpful if not required for a career in human resources. You can get as specific as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in human resource management, however, there are human resource employees with degrees in fields like communication, business, criminal justice, and other non-HR areas as well. I also visited Boise State’s website for the degrees and programs they offer relating to human resource management. BSU offers a Human Resource Management BBA and a two-day Essentials of Human Resources program.

If you’re thinking of going into a career in human resources, there are some skills that would be beneficial to have. Interpersonal skills are very important because someone in human resources has to communicate effectively with many different people across an organization. They have to do things like conduct interviews, give presentations and lead meditations all of which take strong communication skills. Organizational skills are also going to be helpful as human resource professionals are often in charge of managing several tasks at the same time and keeping track of paperwork, requiring superior organizational skills. Conflict Management is also an important skill to have.

Employees in human resources help solve a variety of work conflicts and need skills in negotiation and mediation. They need to be able to patiently listen to both sides and resolve the issue in a respectful and appropriate way. Finally, it may not be classified as a skill, but people working in human resources have to be ethical. Human resource employees handle a lot of personal, sensitive information about a company and it’s employees. They need to be discrete, only sharing this information with people when it is appropriate. They also need to be able to make sure both employers and employees are following regulations, and be vocal when those regulations are ignored (Doyle, 2018).

Final Presentation It’s critical to study viewer’s perceptions and understanding of advertisements through communication because if the meaning of advertisements were transparent, no one would ask what it meant (O’Barr, 2006). Advertisements appear almost everywhere and often leave consumers to interpret them on their own. Corporations and their advertising agents hope that consumers will get their intended messages, but that’s not always the case. A good example I thought of for this was PETA. While their ultimate message is to stop animal cruelty and convince people to go vegan, often times that message gets lost in their controversial advertisements.

Instead, people get hung up on the graphic and sexualized images. Clearly, there are often complications between consumers’ understandings of advertisements and what corporations intend to communicate. Advertisements also a lot of times draw heavily on cultural symbols, especially those whose meanings are widely shared within a society. They depend heavily on shared symbolic representations. If they want to operate globally, then they must attend to possibilities that colors, gestures and other symbols don’t always mean the same thing in all cultures (O’Barr, 2006).

In order to conduct research to determine how consumers interpret particular ads, we could… Assemble diverse groups of people and have them watch different advertisements Immediately after, have each participant do free writing about what they think the advertisements’ message was Reveal the advertisements intended messages to the group Then, have each participant fill out a survey where they personally gauge the level of success of the corporation in communicating the ads’ intended message. Free write about ways in which the corporation might be able to better send their intended message to consumers. In order to achieve a shared understanding of advertisements, people have to be open-minded and realize that a lot of times, advertisements communicate in many different ways and we have to take the time and put in the effort to be able to uncover deeper meanings. Being able to have a shared understanding between corporations and consumers within advertisements will ultimately be beneficial.


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Inferences About the Thoughts, Emotions, Intentions, and Viewpoints of Others essay

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