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Does Breaking a Mirror Bring Bad Luck

Updated June 30, 2022

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Does Breaking a Mirror Bring Bad Luck essay

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Most people think breaking a mirror will give somebody bad luck and should breaking a mirror bring us 7 years of bad luck if it was a accident. People say when glass breaks evil spirits will escape from the mirror and hunt the person who broke it . Some people believe that breaking a mirror will give them good luck instead of bad luck. Mirrors used to be rare and expensive, so breaking one meant going without, saving for another, and waiting. Breaking a mirror might indicate that a love one might die or might indicate a evil spirit. Some people say that the mirrors are magical like in the movies.

Unless they throw salt over them shoulder, spin around three times counterclockwise, or any of the other prescribed remedies for bad luck it will not go away. Some people use mirror to tell their future if they break the mirror their future might be runion. The men use to look at their self in the water of clear ponds. The Romans believe the body renew itself every year if somebody break a mirror it can fix yourself the next year ( Breaking mirrors is bad luck and the time period of seven years of bad luck and came from the romans.

The romans believed that the body takes seven years to renew the body and the bad things that a person done in the pasted. China believes that people destiny is renewed every seven years. Breaking mirrors of bad luck rumors began in the romans times. People believed that these rumors started because mirrors cost a lot of money so they tell them if they broke the mirror there would be seven years of bad luck. Some people says its because of glass can cut a person and they do not want to pick up the glass and accidentally get hurt. Some people believe that if you break a mirror your letting souls out they will hunt and kill the person who let them out.

Some people believe that it was just said because mirrors were expensive when it was first made. ( Breaking a mirror sometimes is a good thing and some time it a bad thing. The Romans who were the ones who thought broken mirror is a sign of seven years bad luck. Mirrors were not cheap and they were low quality and easily defected when they were first being made in the world which made it hard for people not to break them easy.

In order to avoid negligence it was told that breaking a mirror bring seven years of bad luck. That was simple scare tactic because breaking a mirror was not cheap to make at that time period and so it would take some time to buy another one plus cleaning up the broken glass. The romans had say if a person who breaks a mirror is too lazy or too busy, to avoid the curse, and to just leave the broken pieces the way it was for seven hours and then pick it up immediately after the hours are up. They would be cursed with bad luck for every hour they left it there. Some people use different ways to get rid of the cruse by burning candles the first night of breaking the mirror, and blow them out at midnight, while another is touching a tombstone with a broken piece of the mirror to avoid the bad luck (

Breaking a mirror is considered a bad thing which will bring a person seven years of bad luck. Before mirrors were invented, people had no other way of looking at themselves than some people started to look down at the surface of clear water contained in lakes or ponds to see their self in the reflection of the water. If the surface was the reflected image, it could mean that an intruder was approaching and trouble was nearby they could see behind them and could tell whether somebody was behind them or not making it where they couldn’t be attack so easy. People began to think breaking mirrors could let bad spirits out of them if they had got broken.

People were scared that if they broken the mirror that the spirit would hunt them. When glass breaks, this signifies the leaving of evil spirits from the household.They said when glass break it means it a good thang ( What mirrors are used for so you can look at yourself, do basic things like hair, makeup , some people shave their face. According to an ancient myth, mirrors have magical powers, also the power to see the future and are thought to be the devices of Gods thats why some fortune tellers use glass balls so they can look into it. A glass breaking in your house means good luck is coming their way. Obviously somebody can’t just break the glass it doesn’t work that way.

If somebody break glass intentionally then it doesn’t work that way but if you accidentally break some glass that means evil is leaving their house and good luck is going to come and get the person who breaks the mirror. If the person looking in the mirror were of ill health, the image would break the mirror and bad luck would follow for seven years, at the end of which their luck would be renewed, and their body would be physically rejuvenated, it is then that the curse would end for that person and another one will form for another person. Then it will go towards the next person who breaks it. People all over the world attribute to bad luck of breaking a mirror, that including death in the family within the following year. Mirror superstitions probably came from the romans when the first humans saw their reflections in a pond or a lake with water in it or a puddle of water and once they had got over their initial shock of seeing their self or something behind them, believed that the image was their soul or spirit and to harm them making it seem to risking injury to the other self. As for the seven-year period, and the ancient Romans believed that life renewed itself every seven years.

If the person looking into the mirror was of ill-health, his image would break the mirror and the run of bad luck would continue for seven years, at the end of which their life would be renewed, ending the curse.After the use of polished metal or glass to serve as mirrors, the scratching of the surface or the breaking of glass became the omen for bad luck as it equally destroyed the reflected image and metaphorically, the person looking into the mirror. The seven year period dates from the Romans, who believed that the human body renews itself every seven years. There is an equally superstitious remedy to a broken mirror: to deflect bad luck, bury the shards by moonlight in the ground. Some people says mirrors are bad luck.

Some people had experience thinks like losing a close family member. Some people lost their car , some lost their house. Some people lost their jobs. They blame it on the bad luck , and most of the time it not the bad luck they just forgot to pay or do something else. Some people try not to break mirrors on Friday because it bring a lot of bad luck.

The Romans say that glass should be cover in a black cloth to get rid of the bad luck that it brings. The bad luck Romers started in the late 1800 when the Romans started to believe when a person breaks glass or a mirror it gives them bad luck and they let spirits out. They said it destroyed the reflection that the mirror puts off. That makes it give a bad image of what the person is looking at. People start to experience bad things when they break the mirror like lost their keys losing something they just bought. Like Mr.

Bean he broke the picture frame on the wall when he slammed the door shut. He went out to an antique shop he bought a ship in a bottle as he goes home he run into traffic he almost drops the bottle when he arrives at his home he place the bottle on the porch and he picked up the empty one instead of the one that has the ship in it. So he run to things on the way to retrieve it back from the milkman. So many people has a lot of bad luck problems everyday some people has good days too.

Does Breaking a Mirror Bring Bad Luck essay

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