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My Family and I Witnessed the Conflict in North Korea

Updated August 9, 2022

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My Family and I Witnessed the Conflict in North Korea essay

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In 2010, My family and I were stationed in Seoul, South Korea when North Korea attacked South Korean island and killed 4 South Korea civilians. All bases station in South Korea is required to have annual drills that will help all family member leave the peninsula just in case of an invasion, by the time we arrived at the staging area North Korea claimed that it was an accident and the evacuation was called off. In president Trumps latest interview, he stated that North Korea is still Americas biggest threat and they will be stopped by all means. North Korea has a long history of unethical events that has happened since the Korea wars. The most prominent cyber-attack was in November of 2014. North Korea cyber attacked Sony Pictures Entertainment, an American filmmaking company. They attacked because Sony was in the works of releasing the film The interview they would make the country look bad. Since they were unable to stop the release of the film, North Korea sponsored the hacker group known as ‘Guardians of Peace’ to launch a cyber attack to release Sony’s films domestic and internal emails, financial records, and other employees personal information (Haggard and Lindsay, 2015). The Guardian of Pearce hacker group demanded that Sony will remove the film and threatened to attack cinemas that screened it. Sony chose to cancel the film’s premiere and mainstream release.


North Korea brought to light the threat to national security and potential attacks by any other groups or country to infiltrate the United States and its counter cybersecurity systems. North Korea was demanding that the First Amendment right to freedom of speech not be upheld and that the rights of the filmmakers to express themselves be prohibited in favor of appeasing a foreign government. According to Haggard and Lindsay (2015), the attack “raised important questions about the feasibility of deterrence in cyberspace, the protection of First Amendment values, and the responsibility of the United States government to safeguard private networks” The hacking demonstrated an ability on North Korea’s part to crack protected companies and networks in releasing delicate information that can be harmful to the victims, all because North Korea cannot accept open ideas and opinions.


The United States’ determination to place the responsibility on North Korea with proper information and penalties is sufficient; then it is expected that the number of attacks would decrease to the ideal number of zero. However, the instability of the political and social structure of North Korea and their relationships with the rest of the world as being just as unstable justifies the concern that they remain entirely unpredictable. Future interference from North Korea (or any other country) is possible, the efforts taken by the United States will serve as a model for how they will be dealt with. The United States and corporations need to constantly enhance their technology in order to secure systems from imminent cyber attacks.


To develop an appropriate prescription for this issue, we must determine what course of action is most likely to achieve the desired effect of not only preventing further cyber attacks but also punishing the attackers for their actions. This can be difficult to develop due to the several cases that have shown that even organizations with the most complex protecting models can be hacked and leaked. President Obama took action by imposing sanctions on North Korea after it was discovered they were involved in the Cyberattack (Jackson and Korte, 2015). U.S. filmmakers must be more thoughtful when it comes to the types of movies and messages they are conveying with their films, even if it is a form of comedy/parody. Although in America, you have to the right to express your ideas and opinions like in life you must know the consequences of your actions and expect for someone to retaliate and protect yourself.


The proscriptive measure would be to create effective methods of preventing cyber-attacks on organizations and a responsive means of identifying a breach so it can be handled accordingly before the sensitive information becomes public. Once the proof is substantiated, the repercussions should be severe and applied in the form of more sanctions and/or monetary penalties. I think that the international community should also condemn such behavior and would impose sanctions in the future if there are continued cyber attacks perpetrated by governments.

My Family and I Witnessed the Conflict in North Korea essay

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