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Food And Culture

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Special Puto Style

Puto is derived from the Malay word putu, which literally means ” portioned ” and the portioned is ( a part of something that is shared with other people) or ( the amount of food that is served a person at one time) is a steamed rice cake popular all over the country. It can…



Food And Culture

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Yassmin Solaiman HCR 100 CRN 11665 Instructor

Vitamin A is one of the groups consisting of nutritional organic compounds which are unsaturated including retinal, retinol, and retinoic acid. It plays various roles in the body. Majorly, it helps in the formation and maintenance of soft and skeletal tissue, mucus membrane, skin and the teeth. Minorly, it is termed as retinol due to…

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P27 TUTOR M Mante by Natasha Harewood Health

Taking into consideration the bonding of both service users and their practitioner help develop a trust making it easier to communicate with each other. We also gain a better way to approach situations when they arise. We also learn how to be more expressive without having a sense of fear (i.e. telling service users how…


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Nutrition: The Building Blocks of Life

Principles of Nutrition Nutrition is the study of food at work in our bodies, our source for energy, and the medium for which our nutrients can function. Think of nutrition as the building blocks of life” The essential nutrients our bodies need is: Carbohydrates eg.potatoes Proteins eg.eggs and meat Vitamins eg. banana and spinach Lipids(fats)…

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