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Culture and Communication

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Flattery Holds The Key

It’s a Saturday night and you want to go out for the evening. To do this you need the car, what do you do? Flattery is the way to go: ” Mom, did you lose weight? You look amazing! Is that a new hair color? New outfit? “Your mom is so flattered that when you…

Culture and Communication,

Short Story

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A Basic Computer Network Case Study

A small automotive business runs three computers located in the workshop. One for the business owner and two for each mechanic. The computers of the mechanics are mainly used for accessing the Internet (eg issuing WOFs) and taking notes concerning their work. Basic Computer Network Layout This is the simple design for the business. There…

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Communication is the most vital process in Nestle

Communication helps Nestle to find out the aspects which should be improved; hence the concept is extremely beneficial for the business. Direct communication with the customers can also assist the business to identify their needs and demands along with the factors that persuades them the most (Besterfield and, 2011). Communication is the base through…



Culture and Communication

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