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PROFORMA II Title of the Project

Updated January 17, 2019

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PROFORMA II Title of the Project essay

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PROFORMA II Title of the Project: Monitoring and medication remainder system for elderly patients with IoT-enabled capsule-kit. Introduction & Theoretical Framework: The Healthcare industry remains among the fastest to adopt the Internet of Things.

The reason for this trend is that integrating IoT features into medical devices greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service, bringing especially high value for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, and those requiring constant supervision. According to some estimates, spending on the Healthcare IoT solutions will reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2025 and, hopefully, will set the stage for highly personalized, accessible, and on-time healthcare services for everyone. The healthcare industry is in a state of great misery or despair. Healthcare services become costlier than ever on a periodic basis, the global population is aging and the number of prolonged diseases is on a rise. Here, what we are predicting is a world where basic healthcare would become out of reach to most people, a large section of society would go blocked owing to old age and people would be more liable to chronic disease. Whatever IoT app development is at your rescue.

Statement of the Problem: Internet of Things (IoT) becomes one of the most essential things which are deeply involved in human lives. Particularly, IoT in the medical industry can greatly benefit many people’s lives. Especially, elderly people who cannot take care of themselves and need stable or regular care. These days, it is very common that the number of elderly people living alone has significantly increased; for them, home care services play a vital role. As a service for those elderly people to use, we propose a system called ‘Monitoring and medication remainder system for elderly patients with IoT-enabled capsule-kit’. The proposed system consists of an IOT enabled medicine box which gives timely messages for the patients about their medication time.

It alerts the patients to take medicines at the proper time by intimating an alert to their hand-held devices. The medicine details can be recorded in the mobile application by the patient himself or by the caretaker of the patient. The system helps to preserve track of medicine intake, the stock of medicine and so on. As an outcome, patients are able to take their medicine on time, which help to monitor the time pattern to take the pill. The 3 major functionalities of the system are: In “caretaker” mode, the user can save the details about the medicine to take, timings and dosage instruction. The shelf alerting the user about medicine timing.

System sending out intelligent signals to respective caretakers. Providing Cloud-based access to the caretakers where they can customize the holder. 4. Objectives: The vital objective of the system is to send the notifications to the elderly and chronic patients about their timely intake of medicines. Dispense of medicines from capsule box at a scheduled time.

Medical alerts to the caretaker. Online report generation of medicine Real-time health statistics monitoring of medicines Configuration data is sent through a mobile app. Methodology There are several compartments available in an IOT enabled Capsule-kit. It was designed in such a way that elderly or normal people can use it effortlessly for their medical purpose. The capsule-kit system comprises of sensors for monitoring and reporting the state of the atmosphere and its related control software, which often checks the medicine is taken on time or not.

Whenever the drug is loaded into the Capsule-kit it will be updated and the data will be stored in the database. Capsule-kit contains Arduino Uno R3 which is an open-source electronics platform and Arduino boards are incapable of reading inputs and turn it into an output, for example turning LED on etc. Consumer or pill taker can control the board by sending a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board. He should register with device ID on this device, before using it. The same device cannot be used for two different consumers or users to register.

The consumer should maintain a username and password authentication using the device ID. A drug taker should register with the application and the IOT device to start using it. The access should be provided to the pill taker to set a medicine reminder and other functionalities. After logging to the device, he will get the details of the compartments and availability of the medicine. There will be an alarm system in the Capsule-kit which alerts the patient to take the medicine on time. It also indicates the consumer about which medicine to take by that time.

The caretaker of the elderly patient will also get notifications by using the mobile application. The device will read the details from the database and generates the notifications to the pill taker to take the drug and it also transmits a notification message to the mobile application. A message consisting of medical data and time stamp will be displayed. The caretaker will get an alert message whenever the medicine stock reaches a predefined minimum level of medicine. The system will read the details from the database and generates the reminder to the user indicating available medicine stock in the Capsule-kit.

A report will display a message consisting of medical info and available inventory of medicines. Contribution of the Project for Society and National Cause: This device ensures the safety of the patients and also stops incorrect dosages. It reduces the work in remembrance of drug and patients will get the schedule of the medicine containing medicine name, timings and so on. References: 1 Samir V. Zanjal, Girish R.Talmale, “Medicine Reminder and Monitoring System for secure Health”, International Conference on Information Security ; Privacy (ICISP2015), 11-12December 2015, Nagpur, INDIA. 2 AlokKulkarni, SampadaSathe “Healthcare applications of the Internet of Things: A Review”, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Engineering Pune University, Maharashtra, India, AlokKulkar et al, / (IJCSIT) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies,Vol.5, 2014, 6229-6232 3 Zao, J.K., Wang, M.Y., Peihsuan, T.

and Liu,J.W.S., (2010) “Smart Phone-Based Medicine In-take Scheduler, Reminder and Monitor”, IEEE e-Health Networking Applications and Services (Healthcom), pp 162-168. 4 David Niewolny, “How the Internet of Things Is Revolutionizing Healthcare”, Healthcare Segment Manager, Freescale Semiconductor.

PROFORMA II Title of the Project essay

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