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Review Of Tom Thumb

Updated November 1, 2018

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Review Of Tom Thumb essay

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Review Of Tom Thumb Mike Mayoka Film I Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb The film “The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb” was one that blended many traditional styles of Film making into one concise and creative format. It is this creative blend of pixilation, claymation, and animation that make this film interesting and fresh to me. While viewing the film, I was absorbed in the manner in which the characters interacted with each other with nearly no sound to speak of. Instead the usual grunting that they used was enough to allow the audience to follow the flows and actions of those in each scene.

Personally though, I felt that this choice of leaving the film in a more silent than spoken, held the film back from reaching it’s full potential. The methods used to shoot this film allowed for more creative characters, scenes and more ingenious shots. The little people, like Tom Thumb, were able to have been filmed taking part in some rather odd antics; including the laboratory scenes, the miniature town scenes, and when Tom and his friend ambushed the two humans with blow darts. Crossing the claymation with the pixilation of the human world was a very nice transitory measure as far as keeping the continuity rolling well. The effects that were created helped to make this movie as interesting and original as it is.

I enjoyed the film very much, and would like to see any others made by this group of filmmakers Film and Cinema.

Review Of Tom Thumb essay

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