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Virtue ethics apply to ethics

Updated January 17, 2019

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Virtue ethics apply to ethics essay

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Virtue ethics apply to ethics, while deontology and consequentialism apply to morals. Virtue ethics maintain the believe that there is certain virtues of mind and character, (for example; courage or generosity) and that you should try to develop yourself in accordance with those virtues. Consequentialism shows that the basis for judgement about whether something is right or wrong stems from the consequences of that action. (For example; how much good or utility did it accomplish versus how much bad or pain) According to deontology, there are strict rules and duties that everyone must adhere to in a functioning society. Concluding that being ethical is simply identifying and obeying those duties and following those rules.

At first glance these three may seem different but when you dive in deeper you will find that they complement each other in a traditional manner. A concoction of virtue ethics and deontological principles produces the moral principles of traditional religion. These principles become more solid and stabilized when consequentialism is added to the brew. I would argue that virtue ethics by itself is a more modernized theory, because of it’s open-mindedness and thusfore yields adjustment psychologically.

Virtue ethics apply to ethics essay

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