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The Challenges of Learning a New Language

Updated August 24, 2022

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The Challenges of Learning a New Language essay

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The interest of adapting to a new language has been an aim for people for the majority of history. On the journey of learning a new language, a person may face many challenges that can be rather difficult. For example, mastering the rules of the language which proved to be the most burdensome.

Formatting Educators nowadays say that teaching grammar is troublesome; since the process is a big hassle, the students have to sit down and do much needed exercises. This is evident by the fact that the regulations of the language are notorious for having a bad reputation amongst learners. Furthermore, the grammatical canon is inherently postulated, as such they would be inherently unfeasible to fully grasp, since the instructors would not have an appealing argument for why certain rules are like this, other than that they are postulates and you cannot question them. Most importantly, the strongest argument why grammar is impossible to fully comprehend, is that it is intended to be arduous; this is backed up by the fact that tutors tend to advice learners to give up on the idea of relating it to their native language. It is also defended by the notion that parents educate their children in new languages at a young age which gives them the ease of not having to deal with the hardships that come with assimilating it. Also, newcomers to the language would not have a sense of what is right or wrong; this is mostly shown in the idea that their native language is so much different than the language which they are trying to fully grasp, on both fundamental and literal levels, which is even more enhanced by the increase in the number of people who interact with individuals from other nations, due to how easy it is to socialize on the internet.

Conflicting to the believes stated before, the complications in digesting the syntax of a new tongue can be solved in a clever-manner, in such a way that it does not interfere with the quality of the end product. This new clever way suggests that we focus our efforts in applying what little we know of the language and utilizing it by interacting with the users of said language in a novel fashion. For example, using the language in our regular day to day lives by speaking and interacting with other people of the same dialect. By developing a deeper understanding of it on a more fundamental level, we manifest a sense of right and wrong about the language itself, and by applying this method we effectively bypass the incomprehensible part of the new language; another benefit of choosing this route is that it makes you more prepared for the other branches of the language. Yes, the rules are postulated, but this neither poses a limitation nor a barrier, the problem lies in the fact that axioms have developed a negative stigma in the educational world, which is more evident by people not having a proper way of dealing with them.

In addition, it is also supported by schools which are not able to explain or simplify the thought process that the writer had to go through to reach it, and that is what begs the difference between success and failure. As the final verdict, we can conclude that mastering the rules of the language is a matter of choice, either go through struggleThis is a very long sentence. that the language poses with an unbreakable will and diligence, not caring about how much burden you carry on your shoulders, or by forging your own path via cleverly focusing your efforts on learning how to utilize the language, effectively reducing the needed exercises to efficiently understand the subject matter, knowing that by choosing the former would certainly make you unprepared for the other branches of tuition of the language. In my honest opinion, the course provided never ceases to fail in providing flawless instructions in both language rules and lexicon.

It issues word choiceexercises that enable us to comprehend the subjects at hand; moreover, it allows us to fully establish the quality and performance of our skills before we take it to widespread use, which leads to my request, as a participant in the curriculum. I ask with the upmost respect, that we take it to the next level by giving us extra opportunities in which we, as English trainees(learners) can test our gained knowledge from the lectures. For example, setting up free speech environments where we can communicate with native speakers of the language. Doing so would open us a whole new door of possibilities, additionally, it would enable us to develop a deeper sense of the language on a more fundamental level, which can be used to differentiate between what is right and wrong in the language. Likewise, it would give us the ability to bypass shortcomings when facing the different branches of the language.

The Challenges of Learning a New Language essay

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