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Teen Pregnancy and Lactating

Updated July 3, 2022

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Teen Pregnancy and Lactating essay

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1 Karla Gray Ms. Hulsey English 1010 Cause/Effect Final Draft 15 November 2004 Lactating Teens While several teens that engage in pre-marital sex never become pregnant, some are not as fortunate. Teen pregnancy has become all too common in this day and age. Some teens think it will not happen to them and do not use necessary precautions to protect against it.

There are several causes for teen pregnancy and the effects can be life changing. Several causes for teen pregnancy are: the need for affection, acceptance, and unprotected sex. One may have a poor home life and look for affection from a peer. The simple desire to feel loved by another person may be a cause for an unexpected pregnancy.

A teen may have a low self-esteem and simply be looking for acceptance in the bedroom. However, many teens that have a wonderful, affectionate family and are very confidante are merely looking for the few minutes of pleasure and avoid using protection. As several teens use the excuse that sex feels better with out a condom, an unwanted pregnancy is likely to occur. One major effect of teen pregnancy is that the child may be raised by a single parent. While most girls are looking for love and acceptance in sex, several guys are looking for the mere pleasure and are not planning on becoming a teen father.

The pressures of high school and hanging out with friends may be overwhelming for some teens, so they just leave. Raising a child as teen is difficult, but raising a child alone would be almost impossible. Gray 2 Several teens become overwhelmed with the stresses of high school and raising a baby; therefore, dropping out of school may seem like the best option. Attending school five days a week, studying for classes, and raising a baby would be overwhelming for most teens.

One would have to pay for babysitting and many other expenses for the child that a part time job income could not cover. Dropping out of high school to work full time may seem like a great idea at the moment, but the jobs one applies for may be limited because the lack of a high school diploma. While there are several causes for teen pregnancy, the effects are sure to follow. As many teens think, “it won’t happen to me,” some are almost dumb founded that it indeed it did happen to them.

While many parents, teachers, and religious groups teach that abstinence is the answer, several teens do not listen. There are several causes for teen pregnancy and the effects are definitely life changing. (438)

Teen Pregnancy and Lactating essay

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