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Key Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Updated August 13, 2022

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Key Benefits of Electronic Health Records essay

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Adoption EHRs is increasingly being deployed within health care organization. When the access to complete and accurate information is available to the health providers, patients will receive better medical care. Electronic health records (EHRs) help in improving the ability to diagnose diseases ,may reduce medical errors and improving patient outcomes.

In national survey 1 of doctors who able to use EHRs: 94% of providers report that their EHR makes records readily available at point of care. 88% report that their EHR produces clinical benefits for the practice. 75% of providers report that their EHR allows them to deliver better patient care. EHRs can improve patient safety, reduce errors, and support better patient outcomes. For example: EHRs can help providers quickly and systematically to identify and correct operational problems.

In a paper records, identifying such problems is difficult. EHRs keeps a record of a patient’s medications or allergies and also checks for problems whenever a new medication is prescribed and alerts the clinician to potential conflicts. EHRs can help providers to avoid serious consequences for patients and leading to better patient outcomes. Information gathered by a primary care provider and recorded in a EHRs tells a clinician in the emergency department about a patient’s allergy and history, and emergency staff can adjust care appropriately, even if the patient is unconscious.

EHRs transforming patient flow to enhance patient experience and practice efficiency. Better Patient Outcomes with EHRs Some studies shows better patient outcomes with EHRs.

High Patient Satisfaction 92% were happy their doctor used e-prescribing. 90% reported rarely or only occasionally going to the pharmacy and having prescription not ready. 76% reported it made obtaining medications easier. 63% reported fewer medication errors. High Provider Satisfaction Reduced overall rate of after-hours clinic calls.

The Study Cluster randomization of clinics Intervention. Clinical decision support (CDSClinical decision support) embedded in EHR Outcome 6% greater use of controller medications (preventive or maintenance medications to help prevent asthma symptoms from occurring),  3% greater use of spirometry (a common office test used to diagnose asthma and other conditions that affect breathing), 14% greater use of asthma care plan. Spirometry improved by 6% in suburban practice.

Based on a report of a hospital in Vermont recently implemented and HER. Miss medication events decreased by 60%. Completion of daily fall assessment helping to avoid prolonged hospital stays increased by 20%. The number of patient charts needing to be pulled for signing orders and dictated reports dropped by 25%. Using EHRs to Improve Documentation and Coding 6 Based on level of medical decision-making, 50% of visits under-coded. Rural family practice implementing EHR + Practice Management (EPM) system Increased case mix (type or mix of patients treated by a hospital or unit) by 10% over 2 years from 1.34 to 1.47. EHR documentation templates in multi-specialty clinic Increased use of ICD code 99214 by 11% Average billable gain of $26/patient Increased revenue by >100K during the study period


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Key Benefits of Electronic Health Records essay

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