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Chapter One Essay

Updated September 29, 2019

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Chapter One Essay essay

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Chapter One The night was cold, and the wind was blowing hard, you could feel the chill in your bones, and yet the seniors bacth 1998-1999 are on their way to seniors night which will be held at an Island which they call FEAR ISLAND! Lester, while packing his equipments heard a noise from the Garden, he paused for a minute, walk slowly to his window, while looking at the dark view of the Garden the cat suddenly appeared banging on the window, meowing! This frightened Lester that he almost jump at his surprised, then suddenly the phone rangs.

Lester: Hello, Goodevening! Caller: Hoy lalake, are you ready? Lester: Cherry, is that you? Cherry: OO no sino pa ba? So will you be on time at the meeting place??? If youre not we will leave you! Lester: Dont worry, Ill be there just on time, hey cherry Ive got to go now, someones on the door. Then Lester hung up the phone. He went to the living room to open the door, no one was there, but he was quiet sure that someone has knocked while he was talking to Cherry, after a few seconds he closed the door and went to his room to continue packing. Meanwhile, Jenalou alone at her house, with her parents out of town, was crying because she just cant leave the house since her parents doesnt want her to come to seniors night after all.

Suddenly she feels like walking to their vast hacienda in RUWI, so she was about to leave the house when the phone rangs. Jenalou: Hello, good evening, may I know whos on the line pls? Cherry: Malandi ka ha, hey pack up yer things, susunduin ka namin. Jenalou: Cherry, I told yah, I cant go with you! Cherry: he, basta bye! Upon hearing this Jenalou rushed to her room and packed up her things, she was packing her things when she heard scratchings inside her cabinet. Jenalou: stupid cat, get out of my cabinet! Jenalou opened the door of her cabinet, and to her surprise it wasnt a cat!!! At the meeting place in HYATT REGENCY, at the lobby, almost all the gang are there except Jenalou: Jayvie: akala ko ba Cherry you will fetch Jenalou. Cherry: We did but no one was opening the door, so we decided to leave na lang, we figured out that Maybe she wont come na lang! Ronnie: Ganon ba? So maybe we should go na instread of just wasting our time standing here, its almost 11 pm, anong oras na tayo dadating doon noh! Lester: OO nga lets go na! The gang went to the place where the boat theyre gonna used were, the trip to the Island will only take about 15 minutes in speedboat. While in the boat, the others were listening to their walkmans, and some are eating, some are shouting and laughing, then suddenly a howl was heard from the Island, a howl that can make the dead rise from their graves, everyone panics, that the boat almost stumbled in the wide sea: Carlos: What the heck is that? Cherry: Maybe its just a wolf or something.

Mae: you scaredy cat!!! Carlos: No Im not , its just that. Lester: shhhhhhhh.guys be alert, dont you know about the story in that island??.

Chapter One Essay essay

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